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OnBord is a simple, secure tool with automated compliance features that will save you time and money onboarding new clients.

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4 Easy Steps

How It Works

1. Advisor creates client

Add client’s name, mobile number, email, and account types to open.

2. OnBord sends SMS message to client

The client clicks the link in the message and enters their account information.

3. OnBord collects client information and sends

The account information entered by the client is sent directly to our integration partners for digital signing ceremony.

4. OnBord sends automated reminders

OnBord sends mobile notifications to clients for any skipped or incomplete information.

Why Financial Advisors Choose OnBord

Advisor creates client in OnBord

Advisory staff inputs simple information like the client’s name, account types to open, features, etc. and OnBord takes care of the rest.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Account Selections
  • Joint Account Holder
  • Advisory Rate
  • Account Features
  • Primary FA and CSA

OnBord sends SMS message to the client

OnBord sends a text message to the client in which they access a link and begin creating their new client profile. OnBord is a white-label platform, allowing for companies to upload their logo and personalize their branding for a better client experience.

  • Friendly reminders to complete what remains
  • Defaults to text for faster engagement
  • Option for email as well
  • White-labeled platform for personalized client experience
Onboarding new clients

OnBord collects client information and sends it to our integration partners

OnBord sends clients through a simple user experience to gather the information needed to open accounts. We utilize Google integrations and easy-to-navigate form fields, which reduces missing or incorrect information while enhancing efficiency.

To ensure the client’s information is safe, the information is transmitted directly back without touching OnBord’s database.

  • Direct integration to create and edit client records
  • Direct integration to generate and deliver documents

OnBord sends automated reminders

We’ll work to get your client information so you don’t have to. No more back and forth between you and your clients. OnBord communicates with them through scheduled SMS reminders and takes them to where they left off until all the information is completed.

  • Friendly reminders to complete data still needed
  • Defaults to text for faster engagement
  • Option for email as well


Ensuring your client’s data is never compromised

Your client’s sensitive information never touches our database. Information goes directly into Redtail — nothing is saved. OnBord used secure APIs and all progress is saved if they leave the site.


Automate compliance practices with OnBord

Form ADV 2A, Form CRS and all advisor ADV 2Bs will be automatically sent to account holders, along with a welcome email from the primary CSA. This will automatically be logged in Redtail under the client’s profile for compliance records.

By the numbers

Why use OnBord?

Consider this…


of organizations still prepare documents manually


days to complete the manual documentation process


productivity loss with manual data gathering and documentation


cost per manual agreement (printing/postage)


emails received per day


minutes to reply to an email


seconds to reply to a text message


think businesses aren’t using SMS as much as they should


Every plan includes . . .


  • Operational dashboard
  • Admin flow
  • Client flow


  • Built-in integration with Redtail API
  • Built-in integration with DocuSign API
  • SMS & email follow-ups


  • White labeling
  • Permission levels
  • Early access to new features


  • Email Support
  • Client Guidance
  • Individualized onboarding

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